What is the Magnetic Connectors and its application

2018-10-08 15:12:09 Linda 1072

Electronics and related components become more prevalent in our daily lives. But, the awareness about these electronic component types prevails only between less numbers of users. Even electronic engineers infer less knowledge about electronic components in some situations.

Since in actual cases there may be great deal of how the technology is applied to the design of the component and construction of this unassertive (passive) component. This article will guide you and provides awareness about the magnetic connectors and customized magnetic connectors.

What is the product and why do we buy it?

Magnetic connectors are basically designed to serve various conventional features such as vibration resistance, LAN & RF connections. In addition to this it offers huge number of mating cycles. The magnificent feature of this magnetic connector is its tear-away function, which averts damage to the application of the device by the unintended disconnection.

The main purpose of this magnetic connector is to eliminate the need for wired connection and it potentially increases the life cycle of the device port to which it is connected. As I mentioned already, it offers a great way to eradicate the wear and tear issue. These magnetic connectors are suitable for both power and signal transmission. Thus, this product is used to launch correct connection even in areas that are burdensome in access.

Advantages of Magnetic connectors

In terms of technical specifications, Magnetic connectors offer you with abundant advantages. Here are the few advantages of this valuable electronic component.

The product is designed with the feature of automatic magnetic connection and also its product is easy to clean in nature.

Major advantage of this magnetic connector is break away function, which protect the device from various deformities.

All products are reliable with RoHS Directive-compliant, REACH standards.

It is accessible in various design versions.

Applications of Magnetic connectors

The Magnetic connectors are bounteous with huge some of features and thus it plays its role in different kinds of electronic components to assist them to carry out their operations. Some of the applications are:

Marina equipment, Consumer electronics, Medical products

Aerospace electronic and fire-fighting equipment, teaching products

Smart handling devices, smart home products and digital electronic products

Heating system

Industrial automation

Combined power, LAN and RF

Outdoor area systems

Charging and Synchronizing Smartphones

Connecting printers and hard drives.

Customized Solution

The product features for magnetic connectors and its customized solution includes:

- Mating cycles greater than 200,000 cycles

- It's reliable with the high current up to 10A

- Voltage range up to 24V. It is generally flexible

- Comprise of reliable contact pressure

- Magnetized and only one way to connection automatically

- Making charging cable on one end available

- The female end generally design to waterproof which can achieve IP68 and dustproof.

- Dimension design refer to requirements.

- Excellent corrosion resistance registration(48H-120H),can use in a bad environment, copper pogo pin  with gold plated and magnets with Nickel plated.


Since many of us are not aware about some of the basic components under electronic devices. This course will give answers to your simple questions like what is magnetic connector. What are its advantages and applications in the environment? And we also gives you a solution about various types of components under its customized solution.